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CPA exam success is not a myth.

I’m Brandon Vagner, CPA, PhD & former KPMG Manager. My mission is to help you pass the ever elusive CPA exam and kickstart your career.

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Here is what I can do for you.

1. Help you understand the CPA exam process

2. Provide you with critical CPA exam tips & strategies based on my personal experience

3. Help you select the right CPA exam review course based on YOUR learning needs

4. Provide you with a safe and secure online CPA exam community

5. Keep you motivated and on track to PASS the CPA exam.

Features to Help You!

Here’s Why CPA Exam Success Beats All Other CPA Exam Sites

CPA Review Course Best Fit Assessment

Take this quick assessment and discover what CPA review course is highly likely to be the best fit for YOUR needs.  Finding the best CPA review course that meets YOUR needs can be hard, but I’ve made the process much easier for you.  Take the assessment now and be on your way to becoming a CPA!

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Mastermind Group

An online community based CPA exam support mastermind group

Driven by what YOU NEED!  A positive environment, easy collaboration, people currently taking the exam, a structured approach to keep you hitting your goals, motivation when you need it, a place to inform a non-bias group about a part failure and subsequently receive key insights to keep you moving forward. Let’s start you on a CPA exam success path today!

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How the CPA Exam Mastermind Group Works

CPA Exam Prep Course Options

Yes, there are differences, and some you might not have guessed

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Let’s get you on the right track so you pass all parts on your next try!

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