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Snapshot of My Background

Welcome to CPA exam success!  My name is Brandon Vagner and i’m the founder of CPA Exam Success.  I’m a CPA, former KPMG Manager, PhD, business advisor, a HUGE family man, and a business fanatic!  I gave up an extremely promising and lucrative corporate career to pursue my passion, which is helping people achieve their goals.  That’s the primary reason why I went back to pursue my PhD to teach, and it’s the bed rock of this website.  I want to help YOU achieve CPA exam success.

Why I Started CPA Exam Success

CPA Exam Success was created for one simple reason!  People like you need a CPA exam resource that is credible, reliable, positive, easy to use, fun to explore, and most of all….life changing!

I want people like you to learn CPA exam insights from somebody who was EXTREMELY successful with the CPA exam.  What do I mean by that?  First off, there are different levels of CPA exam success.  Just passing, disregarding how many attempts it takes, is considered a success by some people.  HOWEVER, that should NEVER be the measure of CPA exam success for somebody like me who is giving advice to CPA hopefuls.  For somebody who is giving CPA exam advice and running a website like this, I believe that CPA Exam success can only be achieved when that person passes all four parts with 1 part failure or less.  That’s exactly what I did, and it’s why you want to learn strategies here at CPA Exam Success.

I passed three parts (FAR, AUD, BEC) of the CPA exam on my first try.  I studied my tail off, but I passed those three parts extremely efficiently.  Now, I did fail REG my first time.  At the time, it was absolutely devastating to me!  It killed me inside to know that I failed REG, but that failure turned out to be the best thing that ever happened.  I was able to figure out exactly why I failed REG, and then I dominated REG on my second try.  My second attempt score on REG was an 86!!!  I’m sure some of you have experienced a part failure and would love to know how to turn around and score in the 80’s on your second try.  Well, I can tell you exactly how I did it.  Just download my Blueprint to Passing the CPA Exam (see below) and I’ll send you some critical emails that might just change your approach to the CPA exam.

How Can This Website Benefit You?

CPA Exam Success Mastermind Group

The better question is how doesn’t this website benefit you!  The CPA Exam Success Mastermind Group is ONE of the primary benefits.  The group is a highly engaged community of people just like you taking the CPA exam.  I’m constantly kickstarting critical discussions for your success, and everybody is focused on supporting each other through the difficult CPA exam process.  There is much more to know about the Mastermind Group, but i’ll let you do that over on the main Mastermind Group page.

Blueprint to Passing the CPA Exam & How to Overcome Failure!

Packaged up in a nicely designed downloadable eBook, I give you critical steps you should be following to pass the CPA exam; tips on how to overcome part failure(s); and much more that you need to know!  Download my eBook for FREE.

CPA Exam Prep Course Comparisons & Deep Dive Reviews

Here is the deal!  I complete in-depth reviews of CPA exam prep courses so that you know exactly what is out there, and the quality of what is out there.  These reviews will significantly help you decide which CPA exam prep course you might want to try out.  Yes, try out!  Within these detailed review pages, I make available to you FREE trail access to most all of the CPA exam prep courses I review.  Take advantage of those, because it’s really important that you try courses before spending all that money!

CPA Exam Prep Course Discounts!!!!!

Woo-hoo!!!  Discounts!  Nobody likes paying full price, and especially when you’re talking about spending thousands of dollars.  The good news is that you don’t have to.  Check out the discount page for current discounts available to you!

The Blog

Make sure that you check out the blog!  It is packed full of AMAZING insights you will want to read and have in your CPA exam toolbox.

Ready to Dominate Your CPA Exam?

Let’s get you on the right track so you pass all parts on your next try!