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By Brandon Vagner, CPA, PhD, & Former KPMG Manager

Hey there! I know finding the best CPA review course that is affordable and fits YOUR learning needs is tough. I’ve got you covered though. Check out my CPA course reviews below. ✅

Whether you live in New York City NY, Chicago IL, Atlanta GA, Los Angeles CA, Dallas TX, any other major city, or just the middle of nowhere, this CPA course review will help you.


Brandon Vagner, CPA, PhD, & Former KPMG Manager

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Top 6 Best CPA Review Courses

  1. Roger CPA Review
  2. Becker CPA Review
  3. Surgent CPA Review
  4. Wiley CPAexcel
  5. Yaeger CPA Review
  6. Gleim CPA Review

Important Note: The CPA review courses above are not in any particular order. Go through my side-by-side comparison of CPA study material in detail below and select the CPA review course that works best for you.

Put Your Future in Good Hands With a High Quality CPA Review Course.

With an estimated increase in career earnings of $1,000,000 for people with their CPA license, you don’t want to take a risk on this. This is one reason why I recommend going with one of the best possible CPA review courses.

Start with one today and get your career on the move!

Compare the Top 6 Best CPA Prep Courses Side-by-Side (Smart Choices)

  • Best CPA Review Courses - Pricing Table
  • Best Aspect  
  • Website  
  • Learn More - My Review  
  • Starting Price  
  • Best Fit For  
  • Video Lectures*   
  • Multiple Choice Questions  
  • Task Based Simulations  
  • Course Access  
  • Mobile/iPad App  
  • Audio Option  
  • Offline Viewing Capability  
  • Flashcards  
  • Custom Help  
  • Final Review - Bonus Mini Course  
  • Pass Rate**  
  • Guarantee***  
  • Financing Options  
  • HIGHLY Energetic Instructor
  • $1,899
  • People who need motivation & energetic lessons
  • 100+ Hours
  • 5,000+
  • 300+
  • Unlimited
  • - Yup!
  • - Yup!
  • - Yup!
  • - Yup!
  • Forum Based - Monitored By Licensed CPA's
  • - Yup!
  • 88%
  • - Yup!
  • - Yup!
  • Becker CPA Review Course
  • Traditional Lecture Based Style
  • $2,399
  • People who are willing to pay a lot of money for a course
  • 100+ Hours
  • 6,200+
  • 300+
  • 18 Months
  • - Yup!
  • - Nope!
  • - Yup!
  • - Yup!
  • - Yup!
  • - Yup!
  • Not Disclosed
  • - Yup!
  • - Yup!
  • Surgent CPA Review Course
  • Exceptional Adaptive Learning
  • $1,599
  • People with VERY limited time to study
  • 115+ Hours
  • 6,000+
  • Nearly 400
  • Unlimited
  • - Yup!
  • - Nope!
  • - Nope!
  • - Yup!
  • - Yup!
  • Not Technicaly - Final Exam & Will Give Recommendations
  • 89.7%
  • - Yup!
  • - Yup!
  • Wiley CPAexcel Review Course
  • High Quality Video Lessons
  • $1,799
  • People who appreciate high quality lessons & want a traditional course
  • 130+ Hours
  • 11,700
  • 500+
  • Unlimited
  • - Yup!
  • - Nope!
  • - Yup!
  • - Yup!
  • - Yup!
  • - Nope!
  • 90% - Individual Section Pass Rate
  • - Yup!
  • - Yup!
  • Yaeger CPA Review Course
  • Design
  • $899 (on sale)
  • People who want a quality course at a much lower cost
  • 120+ Hours
  • 4,900+
  • 107
  • 18 Months
  • - Yup!
  • - Yup!
  • - Nope!
  • - Yup!
  • - Yup!
  • - Yup!
  • Not Disclosed
  • - Yup! 3 Month Extension For Failed Part(s)
  • - Yup!
  • Gleim CPA Review Course
  • Exceptional Adaptive Learning
  • $1,599
  • People who want a lot of practice but also have limited time to study
  • 100+ Hours
  • 10,000+
  • 1,500+
  • Unlimited
  • - Nope!
  • - Yup!
  • Offline Viewing Available for Book & Audio Only
  • - Nope!
  • - Yup!
  • - Yup!
  • Not Disclosed
  • - Yup!
  • - Yup!
Note: Features listed are for the highest level CPA review course. Features may be different for the starting price review course
*  Number of hours are for highest level course
** Pass rates are self disclosed by CPA review provider
*** Either partner until you pass or money-back guarantee. Verify on CPA review provider page

NOTE: The CPA review companies displayed in the comparison table are in no particular order.

Allow Me To Show You The Best CPA Exam Study Material For YOUR Learning Needs

My name is Brandon Vagner, CPA, former KPMG Manager, PhD, Accounting Professor, business advisor, and founder of CPA Exam Success.  Knowing what features and approaches to learning each CPA exam review course has to offer is critical to your success.  Not every CPA review course company is the same, and there are drastic differences in terms of user experience.

Use these CPA exam review course reviews to your full advantage!  Selecting a CPA prep course is a BIG decision, and I want to make sure you select one that fits your learning needs.  

Roger CPA Exam Review Course – High Energy Instructor

Roger CPA exam review is one of those courses that you can’t help but love. Everything about it is high quality, and it’s differentiating feature is the level of energy that Roger (the instructor) brings to the classroom for every single lesson.

Your motivation levels will literally spike in the first 30 seconds of turning on a video lesson. The energy is just that strong.

My in-depth analysis for Roger CPA Review is still being edited and will be published soon, but I wanted to go ahead and write this short mini review.

Check out this great course via this Roger CPA FREE TRIAL access.

Roger CPA Review Course – Example Lesson

Roger CPA Review Course Example Lesson

Becker CPA Exam Review Course – Overall Excellent

Becker CPA Exam Review is probably the course you’ve heard everybody talk about throughout school and during your internship.  There is good reason for that!  Becker has dominated the industry for decades, and that has allowed them to continually invest in their CPA review course and maximize it’s benefit.  In my Becker CPA Exam Review In-Depth Analysis you will discover all the great features Becker offers and get insights into why they matter.

I always recommend trying a prep course out before fully committing yourself to that company.  Check out the Becker FREE TRIAL access, and be confident with your decision.

Surgent CPA Review Course – Speedy Review

Best CPA Review Course - Surgent CPA Review


Surgent CPA Review Course Benefits & Pitfalls

Surgent CPA Review Course is Built For Speed

Surgent CPA Review has a level of adaptive learning technology that surpasses many of their competitors. In short, the system constantly is assessing you and making sure you’re spending time where YOU need it. Surgent CPA claims it cuts your study time down by 50%.  Yes, 50% less studying.  They also boast a pass rate (89%) that is 2x the national average.

How Good Are the Surgent CPA Exam Prep Instructors?

Surgent CPA Review was founded by Jack Surgent, CPA, who has decades of experience in accounting and founded an extremely successful CPE company. He realized that there is a need to streamline the CPA review course process through the utilization of technology, and then he teamed up with Liz Kolar, who has been teaching CPA review for 25+ years. As a team, they have successfully created one of the best CPA review courses on the market. Their video lectures are engaging and get straight to the point.

The Surgent CPA Review Course Money Back Guarantee Program

Surgent CPA Review is very confident in their product. If you fail all parts of the CPA exam, they have a money back guarantee program.  Keep in mind that you do have to meet their requirements to qualify, but it’s nice to know there is a safety net.

Do You Get Unlimited Access to the Surgent CPA Review Course?

– Nobody likes a time crunch.  I know I sure don’t like being pressed for time. If life slaps you in the face and you need to extend your CPA exam timeframe, it’s no problem if you have the Surgent CPA Review course.

Can You Study On The Go With Surgent CPA Exam Review?

Surgent CPA’s mobile (phone & tablet) experience is really nice to have. Being able to open up your mobile device and just easily roll through practice questions is REALLY nice. It’s a wonderful CPA study material feature to have.

Surgent CPA Review Course FREE Trial Access

Surgent CPA-Review Free Trial

What are Surgent CPA Review Course Key Features?

350+ bite-sized lectures
6,000+ multiple-choice questions
Almost 400 task-based simulations
Flashcard app for iOS and Android
Personalized study plans (i.e. Adaptive Tech)
Ongoing 1-on-1 coaching
Full access until you pass

PRICE: $1,599+

How Good is the Surgent CPA Review Course?

Really good! Their truly adaptive learning technology and focus on quality content is what makes their CPA review course so good!  That’s what you get with Surgent CPA Review.  They don’t believe in having you sit through hours of CPA review lecture before you move through practice problems and get a gauge for your strenghts and weaknesses.  There is no reason to study concepts that you already know from either your recent education or work experience.  Let me first say that you need to fully understand what you need out of CPA prep course.  If an accelerated approach such as this really might benefit you, then check out my In-Depth Surgent CPA Exam Review Analysis.

Surgent CPA Review Course Video Walkthrough (INSIDE LOOK)

Surgent CPA Review Course Inside Look

Surgent CPA Review Course Discount

Surgent CPA Discount Code For Repeat Users

Get up to $1,000 OFF Surgent CPA Review Full Course if you already purchased a competitor’s CPA review course, but now want to switch to Surgent.

*Claim today before it expires

Recently Used

Surgent CPA Financing Option

Get monthly payments and start with a first payment of just $49 or $299 (depending on your course choice). Pay over an 11 month period with 0% interest.

*Enroll today before this flexible payment option goes away

Start Today! Pay Later!

Best CPA Review Course - Wiley CPAexcel

Wiley CPAexcel Review Course – Extremely High Quality


Wiley CPAexcel Review Course Benefits & Pitfalls

What Are the Wiley CPA Review Course Lecture Videos Like?

– I REALLY like the Wiley CPAexcel Review lecture videos. The clean design and high production quality makes their lectures videos very easy to sit through. They also do a great job at breaking up their video content into small, easy to consume, subsections.

How Good Are the Wiley CPA Review Course Instructors?

– World class! Wiley CPA Review likes to use professors as their instructors, and NOT your typical boring accounting professor. Wiley CPA Review cherry picked professors that you are more than likely to really like. I know I did. It’s also really nice to feel confident that you’re being instructed by active topic area experts.

How Many CPA Review Practice Questions Do You Get With the Wiley CPA Review Course?

– Depending on what package you purchase, you will get up to 11,700 multiple choice questions and 500+ task based simulations. ? Yes, you read that correct. You will have what will feel like an endless amount of practice problems in your Wiley CPA study material.

Use Until You PASS – A Wiley CPA Exam Prep Perk

– I LOVE seeing CPA review course providers give their customers access until they pass. It relieves that financial investment uncertainty, because you know you will still have access if for some reason you don’t pass the first time around.

How Adaptive Is the Wiley CPA Prep Course?

– This isn’t a big deal to everybody, but the system will not automatically put you on a custom study path and then constantly assess you and define new study paths for you based on your performance.

How Good is the Wiley CPAexcel Review Course?

If high quality is what you’re looking for, then Wiley CPAexcel Review might be the course for you.  Their CPA study material is well known within the industry as being one of the absolute best CPA review courses on the market.  That’s in large part due to their world class instructors, 12,000+ practice questions, bit sized lessons for easy learning, and 9 out of 10 pass with them (statistic stated by Wiley).  That’s an incredible track record and it’s clear they are doing things right.

You can check out my In-Depth Wiley CPAexcel Review Analysis and learn more about their features and what I have to say.  It’s the best way to get a quick inside look.  If you’re interested in their CPA review course, I highly recommend you sign up for the Wiley CPAexcel FREE Trial Access.  You’ll get 14 days to test drive their review course and see for yourself if you like them or not.

Wiley CPAexcel Review Course Example Lesson

Wiley CPA Review Course Example Lesson Video

Wiley CPAexcel Video Review (INSIDE LOOK)

Wiley CPAexcel Review Course Inside Look

What are Wiley CPAexcel Review Course Key Features?

130+ hours of bite-sized lecture videos
Up to 11,700+ multiple-choice questions (depends on package)
Up to 500+ task-based simulations (depends on package)
4,000+ digital flashcards
Mobile App
Partner until you pass guarantee

PRICE: $1,799+

Wiley CPAexcel Review Course FREE Trial Access

Wiley CPAexcel CPA Review Course

Best CPA Review Course - Yaeger CPA Review

Yaeger CPA Exam Review – STRONG Contender


Yaeger CPA Review Course Benefits & Pitfalls

Yaeger’s Top Notch CPA Review Course Support System

You get direct access to their CPA review course instructors and CPAs by phone, email, or an online message board. For some people, this will be a deciding factor. It’s a HUGE advantage to have open access to an on-demand support system.

Adaptive Learning CPA Review Course Approach

Yaeger CPA Review does have adaptive learning technology integrated in their software and here is how it works. In the beginning, you will be asked various study style questions so the software can determine if you prefer a video or book based study path. Meaning, you’ll either get a full video or book oriented study path. If you go down the full video path, then you will see ALL the videos.  Whereas, the book oriented approach only uses video lectures as excerpts for support. Regardless, the software constantly assesses your topic area knowledge as you move through the course, and that allows the software to tailor your quiz and/or simulations to your needs. Meaning, the software will make sure your weaknesses are continuously worked until they no longer are a weakness for you.

Yaeger CPA Review Course Design

The aesthetic design of the Yaeger CPA Review course is amazing, and will likely help you stay engaged and motivated to continue studying within their CPA prep course.

How Expensive Is the Yaeger CPA Review Course?

I know the feeling of having to make a $1,000+ purchase. Yaeger CPA Review does a really great job at giving you a bang for your buck. Their CPA review course is priced at $1,589, which is a great deal compared to other competitors. Take advantage of it if price is a major driver in your decision.

Course Lecture Engagement Factor

Let me preface this with the fact that Yaeger CPA Review absolutely provides you with the CPA study material you need to be successful. However, I personally didn’t find the lectures to be overly entertaining if that’s something you need. For some people, this is not a big deal, but for others who struggle to focus, it could be a big deal.

Yaeger CPA Review FREE Assessment Access

Yaeger CPA Review Course

Yaeger CPA Review Course Example Lesson

Yaeger CPA Review Course Example Lesson

What are Yaeger CPA Review Course Key Features?

120 hours of in-depth lecture
4,000+ multiple-choice questions
1-on-1 instructor support
Electronic Flashcards
Personalized study paths (i.e. Adaptive Tech)
Unlimited use of course for 18 months

PRICE: $899 (on sale)

How Good Is the Yaeger CPA Review Course?

Yaeger CPA Review has been in the CPA exam review game for a long time, but they have recently really made a strong push to innovate and take their courses to the next level.  They set out to create one of the best designed courses on the market and they delivered.  The design quality and functionality of Yaeger CPA Review is excellent.  Keep in mind that almost every providers definition of adaptive learning technology is different, but I go over the Yaeger CPA Review adaptive technology in great detail within my full In-Depth Yaeger CPA Exam Review Analysis.

Overall, I highly recommend that you consider the Yaeger CPA Review course.  If you’re interested in Yaeger CPA Review, make sure you check out their FREE Assessment.  You’ll be able to see how you stack up against other CPA students, and you’ll get to experience their course design.

Gleim CPA Exam Review Course – Best For Quality + Number of Multiple Choice Questions

Gleim CPA Exam Review has been around for decades and over 1,000,000 people have PASSED the CPA exam with the help of Gleim CPA review courses.  Gleim has embraced learning technology and implemented adaptive learning within their CPA study material.  Their SmartAdapt technology will help identify an optimum study path based on your knowledge within certain subject areas.  This will allow you to take full advantage of their 13,500+ practice questions.  Check out my full In-Depth Gleim CPA Exam Review Analysis.

There is no reason to guess on whether or not the Gleim CPA review course is for you.  Try their course out at no risk with this FREE TRIAL access.

Gleim CPA Review Course Example Lesson

Gleim CPA Review Course Example Lesson

Gleim CPA Review Course Video Review (INSIDE LOOK)

Gleim CPA Review Course Inside Look Video

Other CPA Review Courses to Consider

Fast Forward Academy CPA Review

ExamMatrix CPA Review

MDS CPA Review

Frequently Asked CPA Exam Review Course Questions

What Is the BEST CPA Review Course on the market today?

This is one of those questions I wish I had a dollar for every time I was asked it. Here are some factors you want to make sure you’re considering.


      You CANNOT focus all your attention on price. I’m listing this first because so many people think the most expensive CPA review course on the market is going to magically result in passing. That’s just not so. On the flip side of things, there are just as many people that think the cheapest course on the market will be enough to barely pass each part. That’s not always so either. If you can, try your best to block out price when evaluating which course to get. Focus on these other important factors I’m about to list.


      Adaptive learning is the hottest thing to hit the learning industry in a long time. Here’s the deal though… Not all CPA review courses have the same DEGREE of adaptive learning technology. What do I mean by that? Well, some CPA review courses will give you a small 20 question pre-assessment and then make recommendations to you based on your identified strengths and weaknesses.

      1. CONSIDERATION #1 – Is a 20 question pre-assessment enough to TRULY evaluate your strengths and weaknesses? Some CPA review course companies seem to think so.
      2. CONSIDERATION #2 – Does the CPA review course you’re considering just make recommendations to you or actually put you on a custom learning path based on your strengths and weaknesses?
      3. CONSIDERATION #3 – After you’re put on a custom path in the beginning (if the review course even has that capability) does it CONTINUALLY assess you and CONTINUALLY put you on new learning paths based on your ongoing performance?

      Let me ask you something. Have you ever taken an online course of any kind and been forced to watch lecture videos of an instructor that has a personality that doesn’t match up well with your learning style? If you answered yes to that, then you know how painful that can be. You have to make sure you get a course that has instructor personalities you can sit and watch for hours. This is HUGE, because there are some that are really high energy, low energy, and middle of the road. Make sure you get one that fits YOU.


      For some people, the video lessons really make or break their ability to fully understand topic concepts and then apply to CPA exam questions. That’s why instructor personality isn’t the only instructor aspect you should consider. It’s very important to get a CPA review course that features instructors who are EXTREMELY SKILLED at breaking down difficult concepts into easy to understand video lessons. High quality examples and lesson tactics are really important.


    GREAT support is something I initially thought came standard with every CPA review course. Many do have support systems in place, but they aren’t all the same. Take that into consideration when trying to select your CPA review course.

Do You REALLY Need to Purchase a CPA Review Course?

This is such a great question that I love addressing. In a perfect world, a CPA candidate should have all the knowledge they need from their undergraduate and graduate coursework to be successful on the CPA exam, BUT we don’t live in a perfect world.

The vast majority of CPA candidates DO purchase a CPA review course, and I can tell you from experience that I definitely needed my CPA review course to reinforce the concepts I had learned during my days in college. Another thing to consider is that many CPA candidates have never practiced simulations. Sure, everybody has tackled multiple choice questions at one time or another, but CPA exam simulations are new to most people. Simulations really test a persons higher-order cognitive analytical ability as discussed by the AICPA, and CPA review courses provide candidates GREAT practice at difficult to solve simulations.

Are Quality CPA Review Courses Expensive?

This depends on what you consider expensive. Keep in mind that CPAs average an extra $1,000,000 ? earned over their lifetime. That said, try to keep in mind that a couple thousand dollars spent today on a CPA review course could possibly mean serious salary increases in your future.

You can get one of the best of the best CPA review courses for around $2,500. Now, that review course will have all the bells and whistles. You can easily get into a quality course for under $2,000 though, and there are options closer to the $1,000 mark. Yes, I know these numbers are expensive, BUT it’s your future. When you look at the big picture and think about the cost in relation to your future earnings potential, it begins to seem much more reasonable. This is how I like to look at the cost of investing in myself. ?

Can a Cheap CPA Review Course Be High Quality?

?Now that’s the kind of follow up question I like. One that looks at the flip side of things. In short, YES.

I can tell you will 100% confidence that some of the cheaper CPA exam review courses on the market are highly effective for certain people. I’m referring to the cheaper options reviewed on this page. If you find that one of the cheaper options fits your learning needs, then it is absolutely possible that it can be effective. Some of the cheaper options have MANY wonderful attributes of a quality course.

How Important Is Getting a CPA License?

Oh boy! This is a question that comes up for multiple different reasons. Hopefully you already know why it’s important, but if you don’t, then I have you covered. I wrote an article that outlines 40 Reasons Why the CPA Matters. If you’re unsure, make sure you take a read through that before you pick a CPA review course.

Is it Ok to Fail a CPA Exam Part?

There are a number of people (mostly Type A personalities) out there that wonder whether or not failing a part of the CPA exam is ok or not. The truth is, CPA review courses can only do so much. Part failures happen and they happen often. Shoot, I even failed 1 part, and I have PhD in Accounting AND made it all the way to Manager at KPMG (Big-4 Firm). So, is it ok to fail a CPA exam part? Yes, it is definitely ok!

If You Do Fail a CPA Exam Part, How Do You Overcome that Failure?

Believe it or not, there is a systematic approach one can take to (1) deal with a part failure and (2) pass on the next try. There are a number of strategies I used to overcome my 1 part failure. Those strategies helped me achieve a score of an 86 on my second attempt. For anybody who has failed a part, they know it is extremely difficult to come back and score an 86 on that second attempt. What if I even told you I didn’t have to study a ridiculous amount more? It’s true! I was able to use key strategies that significantly reduced my incremental study time. Check out this article if you want to learn more about how to overcome CPA exam part failures.

Why Can’t You Pass the CPA Exam?

First and foremost, the CPA exam is absolutely passable. If you’ve had trouble with it in the past, I can understand your frustration. In fact, I failed 1 part (REG) of the CPA exam on my first try. I know what that sinking feeling feels like.

Here’s the deal though. I identified 35 reasons why YOU likely are having trouble with the CPA exam. It’s possible you have a CPA review course that doesn’t fit your needs, but there are many other reasons you need to be thinking about. Check out the 35 possible reasons in my article, Why YOU Cannot Pass the CPA Exam.

How Do You Overcome CPA Exam Stress?

Are you the type that gets stressed out? Maybe it’s not so much you, but it’s your crazy schedule on top of the CPA exam. I get it! Life happens and it comes at you hard at times.

Making sure you choose one of the best CPA review courses on the market is definitely a factor in lowering your stress levels, but there are other things you can be doing if you’re wondering how to deal with CPA exam stress.  For example, make sure you’re using your vacation time to knock out large amounts of studying and you need to also make sure you have a fun activity you’re doing every week. Don’t over do it by making sure you’re taking a break from studying.

What Are Other CPA Review Resources

The Big 4 Accounting Firm’s Article

This Way to CPA’s Article

Bryce Welker’s Article

How Do You Choose the Right CPA Exam Review Course for Your Needs?

Understanding what drives success for you is extremely important. Think back to your college classes. Did you perform better with live instruction, online instruction, in-depth books, high energy instructors, neutral energy instructors, etc.? Well, understanding the answer to that will help you understand which CPA exam review course is going to best fit your learning needs. I recommend doing a self assessment of your learning needs before you read my in-depth CPA exam review course reviews. That way, as you’re going through the reviews you will have a clear understanding of what is really going to make a difference for you!

How do I evaluate the best CPA exam prep courses?

Through my expert knowledge and consultation with many CPA industry experts, I select the best CPA review course companies to review and provide expert insight. Below are some important CPA review course attributes I evaluate.

How Important is CPA Review Course Flexibility

Like any prep course, the absolute most important feature for most people is the flexibility of course content delivery. Historically, live in-person prep courses were the only option available, but technology has made online options available. For people with busy schedules, either a live online or self-paced course are great options. Having the flexibility to miss a class when needed and easily watch the recorded class during your own time is extremely important to your success.

What are the most critical course flexibility attributes?

  1. Online Recorded Video Access – This is HUGE! It allows students the ability to access a pre-recorded video lesson so they can schedule their review based on their busy schedules.
  2. Live In-Person Courses – Students can take advantage of pre-defined class structure and the instructors knowledge and expert insights.

How Quality is the CPA Exam Review Course Content?

Most would assume that content, for the most part, is the same across prep course companies. That’s not necessarily true. So, here is how it works. The AICPA releases a CPA exam content outline every year for the prep course companies. This outline is at a very high level and acts as a content creation guide for the prep companies. From year-to-year not much changes, but the prep course companies pay very close attention to it. With that said, it’s up to the prep course company to determine how in-depth they will go on each topic area. Some prep course companies hit the content creation right on the nose, and others miss the mark. You want to ensure that the prep course you purchase is not giving you information overload (i.e. wasting your valuable time), but you also want to ensure that you’re not getting too little information.

What are the most critical CPA review content attributes?

  1. Books – The company provides quality prep books that display an appropriate level of content delivery.
  2. Flashcards – The company provides quality flashcards that appropriately compliment the prep course content and student CPA exam prep needs.
  3. Online Course Content – The online prep course material follows the prep books from a content perspective, and no prep area is neglected.

How Quality Is the CPA Review Course Practice Question Banks & Tests?

Having a sufficient amount of practices questions is HUGE! Even more huge though, is how in-depth the prep course company explains not only the right answer, but also the wrong answer. We can’t stress enough how important this is. Now, lucky for you, most all CPA exam review course companies license the same historical practice questions from the AICPA. The key though is that the AICPA does not provide answer explanations to the prep course companies. Thus, it’s extremely important that you select a CPA exam review company that takes pride in going through those questions in detail and providing detailed answer explanations. Also, there are companies that go above and beyond to create practice questions in addition to the questions they license from the AICPA. So, there can be MAJOR differences between CPA exam review course companies.

What are the most critical CPA study material attributes?

  1. Practice Question Banks – The company provides an appropriate amount of practice questions with a high level of care put toward providing detailed answer explanations.
  2. Full-length Practice Tests – The company provides multiple full-length CPA exam review practice tests that not only look similar to the official CPA exam, but also that are of equivalent or higher difficulty level.
  3. In-depth analysis reports – The prep course provides the student with a detailed analysis of their practice question and test results. The results analysis reports at a granular level that allows the student to focus their studies to areas of weakness.

CPA Exam Review Course Instructors

Having an understanding of the review course instructor personalities is CRAZY HUGE! You are going to be glued to your chair for 100’s of hours listening to these instructors. You better make sure that the prep course instructor personalities match your learning needs and/or your personality preference. There is a MASSIVE difference between the CPA exam review course personalities, and choosing the wrong one is detrimental to your chances of success. The personalities must meet your needs!

What are the most critical course instructor attributes?

  1. Matches Your Learning Needs – The company has instructors that match your learning needs. Some people need and/or want extremely high energy instructors. Others have a preference for calm, cool, and collected content deliver. Some even want their CPA exam review instructors to be similar to their college professors. Whatever your preference is, make sure you verify that the instructors of the review course you’re interested in meet those preferences!
  2. Engaging – Company review course utilizes engaging instructors what students will actually want to sit and watch for hours at a time.
  3. Knowledgeable – Company review courses utilizes instructors that are a wealth of knowledge in their designated subject areas.

CPA Review Course Student Support

A high quality CPA exam review course should always incorporate exceptional student support features. Whether you’re a CPA exam student looking for technology support or one just looking to bounce a quick question off of an instructor, the support should be there.

What are the most critical CPA review student support attributes?

  1. Phone – Students can easily pick up the phone and get their questions answered.
  2. Live Chat – Students can easily send a quick message online to a live support representative.
  3. Email – Students are guaranteed to receive a response to their emails within a 24 hour period of time.
  4. Passing Guarantee – Students who can evidence completion of every course module receive the ability to repeat the course if needed at little to no additional cost.

Note:  I realize there may be other quality prep courses available on the market.  I will continually be working to add those reviews to this webpage.

Other courses for consideration: Roger, Wiley, Fast Forward Academy, & ExamMatrix

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