In-Depth Review of the Becker CPA Exam Review Prep Course (2020)

Best CPA Review Prep Course - Becker CPA Review


  • Over 7,200 multiple choice questions that link directly to applicable eBook pages and lectures
  • Nearly 400 task-based simulations
  • Two full practice exams for each part of the CPA Exam
  • Comprehensive textbooks and eBooks
  • Interactive Study Planner
  • Study Roadmap that tells you what to study and how much time to spend on each topic
  • Available with Chinese captions

Becker CPA Review

Becker CPA Review Course Snapshot


This review is written by a licensed CPA who used Becker CPA to pass the CPA exam in less than 12 months. Quite frankly, you’ll read a lot of CRAP reviews out there, but this review tells you how it REALLY is and shows you great features that Becker CPA offers.

Let’s clear the air first with regards to the price! Yes, you are going to pay a premium for Becker CPA, BUT how much is your time worth? You can certainly risk another CPA prep course that is of less quality to save a little bit of money, but is it really worth it if the exam might take you 2 – 3 years to pass? That additional year or two is precious time that you can’t get back, and time is money.  I will say that there are a couple other options on the market that might serve you well and be better for your learning needs, but this review is going to focus on why the Becker CPA Review is a GREAT choice.  You can read our other reviews throughout this website.

With Becker CPA you know that you are getting an extremely HIGH QUALITY prep course. I will caution you when you read other reviews out there. Most of the people who failed with Becker CPA failed because they didn’t know how to study and/or were not willing to commit a sufficient amount of time to studying. I started working at KPMG with a little over 20 people in my start class. If I remember correctly, everybody used Becker CPA. Only ONE person didn’t pass the CPA exam, and I can guarantee you it’s because that person didn’t commit himself to the studying. I don’t know the exact numbers, but the majority of us had the CPA exam passed before we even started working that Fall following our graduating Spring semester. Bottom line…..Becker CPA DOES work, and it works amazingly well if you FULLY DEVOTE YOURSELF to it.

Before we go on in the review, you should know that this great resource is made available to you based on the minimal commissions, at no added cost to you, earned by this website if you decide to utilize the links within the website prior to making your test prep purchase.  I greatly appreciate your support, and so do all the future CPA’s looking for guidance in choosing a CPA prep course!



So here is the deal! There are comparable CPA prep courses out there, but one of the main differences is the personality of the instructors and you want to BE SURE that you enjoy the instructor personalities. Most of the mainstream competition will do one of two things — Put you asleep because they are beyond boring professors or their personalities might not quite match up to yours. Whereas, the Becker CPA instructors are ABSOLUTELY ON POINT! They are the types of people you want to actually sit and watch/listen to for over a hundred hours. Trust me when I say that this is a HUGE advantage that Becker CPA has.

If when you take the Becker CPA Exam FREE TRIAL, you feel like the instructor personalities match what you want out of an instructor personality, then my recommendation would be to go with it!

The rest of this review is going to walk you through and show you all the GREAT features of Becker CPA Review.  I’ll explain in detail WHY all of these features are high quality and so important to your success.  Additionally, we’ll list out all the pros and cons at the end of the article.

Becker CPA Review – Course Discount

Without-a-doubt Becker CPA Review is one of the market leaders in the CPA prep course industry.  If Becker is the course for you, make sure to have this discount code with you at checkout!

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Purchasing a high quality CPA exam prep course is without-a-doubt step #1!  Step #2 for you is going to be trying to figure out an effective study plan.  You can see below that Becker CPA does a good job at getting you on a schedule.  Based upon when you tell the system your official exam is scheduled for and how much time you estimate you’ll study each week, the system will generate this high level plan for you.  It’s nice being able to see on a calendar dashboard which sections you need to get done by when in order to finish on time.  I can tell you from personal experience that your study plan WILL MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE!  Having this option in the Becker CPA exam course is a big benefit to you!

Becker CPA Course Custom Study Planner


YOU’RE GOING TO BE BEYOND BUSY during your CPA exam studies!  The LAST thing you need to be dealing with is trying to figure out yourself just how much more you have to go to finish a section from a lecture video and homework perspective.  You NEED the prep course functionality to simply INFORM YOU what you have left to go.

The section summary dashboard you see below is exactly what you’ll see in the Becker CPA exam review course!  You’ll be able to EASILY keep tabs on how much you have left for each individual area.  You will LOVE this!

Becker CPA Course Performance Summary


This is another CRITICAL dashboard you’ll be using in the Becker CPA exam course.  It’s what they call a study roadmap, and you can see that it outlines how much time (hours) it should take you to complete the entire section, but also each individual section.  They also give you the percent complete status bars, and having all this information on the roadmap dashboard will allow you to easily recognize what you have left for the week.  Again, a very nice dashboard to help you succeed!

Becker CPA Course Study Roadmap


You can see below exactly what your lecture dashboard is going to look like and you can see one of your Becker CPA exam instructors.  In my personal opinion, the lecture dashboard can’t get any better than how they have it laid out for you.  It’s simple, clean, and easy to use.  Once you finish one video in the series, the course will automatically take you to the next video.  This, without-a-doubt, will save you time!  If you want to take digital notes, then you can with the ‘My Notes’ option in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  Don’t worry though!  You’ll have a lecture guide by your side to take notes in, and you’ll see a snap shot in the next section of this review and how it’s used in the lectures.

From an instructor perspective, I mentioned before that you’re going to struggle to find any better than the two used within the Becker CPA exam review course.  They simply are OUTSTANDING!  Keep in mind that finding a personality/energy level you can tolerate for months of your life is not an easy task in the CPA exam prep course space.  By selecting Becker CPA as your prep course of choice, you would be doing yourself a HUGE favor from an instructors perspective!  This is the one primary aspect of comparable CPA exam prep courses that sets them apart from each other, and something you should not ignore. You want to make sure that 3 weeks into the course you’re going to still be satisfied starting up the lecture videos every night and listening to the instructor(s).

Becker CPA Course Instructors and Lecture Dashboard


I don’t know if I would have passed without the Becker CPA exam mnemonics.  That’s how CRITICAL I personally think they are to your success.  You can clearly see below an example of a mnemonic used by Becker CPA during the lectures.

Here is what you’re looking at.  In addition to seeing video of the instructors as you go through the video series, the videos will also incorporate your physical lecture guide.  This allows you to easily follow the instructors.  I should also note that you WILL be taking minimal notes in the guide, highlighting key things the instructors tell you to highlight, and filling in the mnemonics as their given to you.  Becker CPA has done such an amazing job at making your life as easy as possible during the lecture viewing and note taking process of the course.

Becker CPA Review Lecture Walkthrough Example


CHECK THIS OUT!  The Becker CPA exam practice questions are fully integrated into the course.  What do I mean by that?  Well, I’ve highlighted in red within the screen shot below some of the key functionalities you’re going to come across.

1) Easy access to the question concept within the lecture guide

2) Easy access to where the concept was discussed within the lectures (HUGE ADVANTAGE)

3) Easily take notes with the ‘My Notes’ option in the upper right corner

Becker CPA Course Practice Questions


Boxed off in red below you’ll find the homework topic statistic summary.  This is really nice because it gives you your percent correct for your last session, but also shows you all your sessions.  This is BIG, because it allows you to easily see your progress.  If you don’t improve, then you need to significantly adjust how you’re studying for that particular topic area.  I ALWAYS tell people that they need to do EVERY practice question at least 3 times and that they should not only understand why the correct answer is correct, but have an understanding for why the incorrect answers are incorrect.  This is how you PASS THE CPA EXAM ON YOUR FIRST TRY!

Becker CPA Course Homework Analysis


Below is a screenshot of a Becker CPA exam practice simulation.  You might not know this, but it looks very similar to how your simulations are going to look on the actual CPA exam.  This is REALLY important, because you don’t want the formatting of the screen/simulation to throw you off on exam day!  Not to mention, you’re just going to be much more comfortable on exam day if you’ve been using practice simulation software that is similar in design.

Here is my personal opinion on simulations from my own experience and from talking to hundreds of people who have taken the CPA.  All CPA exam prep course companies do their best to prepare you for the simulations, BUT it’s very likely that you’ll come across a simulation in your actual CPA exam that you did not see within your practice simulations.  This is why it’s SO IMPORTANT that you fully understand the concepts throughout the lectures and you nail down all the practice questions.  That’s where you’re going to acquire the knowledge to dominate your CPA exam simulations.  With that said, you want to practice all the different types of simulation questions so you’re not thrown off by the formatting and how their asking a questions.  Not to mention, the practice simulations do help to nail down understandings of certain concept areas, and it’s the full understanding of the concepts that’s important.  This is where the practice simulations will do a GREAT job at preparing you!  I should also note that you might get lucky and have a simulation on the actual exam that is very similar to one you might do during your practice sessions.

Whatever you do, don’t let reviews you’ve read about CPA prep courses not preparing people for the simulations influence your decision.  It’s ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE for the CPA prep course companies to develop and give you all the simulation possibilities.  It’s not anything like standard practice question creation.  That’s relatively easy for them to get close to what you will see on the official exam.  Becker CPA does a FANTASTIC job at giving you a sufficient amount of simulation practice!  I always felt VERY CONFIDENT going into my simulations and coming out of them!

Becker CPA Course Simulations


CONTENT THOROUGHNESS  – Becker CPA exam review courses have just the right amount of content for you.  If you want a course that has methodically analyzed what content you NEED and tailored their course to that, then Becker CPA is for you!

INSTRUCTORS – I talked about this in the detailed review above, but it’s such a HUGE factor you need to consider!  The instructors are AMAZING compared to some of the other options on the CPA prep course market.  You’ll actually want to sit down and go through the lectures each night!

PREP COURSE DESIGN – Becker CPA has a VERY WELL designed course from a system and dashboard perspective!  You will very much APPRECIATE all the features they bring to the table!

MNEMONICS – The one thing that most people will tell you is how mnemonics helped them pass the CPA exam.  Becker CPA does a FANTASTIC job at giving easy to remember mnemonics that make exam day much easier!

PRICE – Becker CPA is on the pricey side, BUT LET ME TELL YOU THIS.  This is your career we’re talking about!  As a licensed CPA you will have INCREDIBLY higher earnings potential over a non-CPA.  Don’t think short term!  I know it’s a big hit to you financially right now, but think long term.  Get a quality prep course now to help you get passed within the next 18 months.  It’ll put your career potential at an entirely new level!

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