Yaeger CPA Exam Review Prep Course: In-Depth Review (2020)

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Real quick future CPA, my name is Brandon Vagner.  I’m a CPA first and foremost, but I’m also a former KPMG manager, PhD, and business advisor.  I take helping you succeed on the CPA exam extremely seriously, and I know a high quality review of the prep courses is an important piece of that process.  I’m confident you’ll find everything you need right here at CPA Exam Success.  Enjoy this detailed review of Yaeger CPA Review.

What comes with the Yaeger CPA exam review course?

Yaeger CPA Review Course Details

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Yaeger CPA Review


Yaeger CPA Review is a MAJOR contender in the CPA exam review space and has many great features to support your CPA exam studies.  Their course design is nothing short of excellent, and that’s largely due to their great pride in creating a course that is aesthetically pleasing to work within each day.  I have to say that it truly is something you will enjoy.

You should also know that Yaeger CPA Review has already launched their all new Yaeger – authored textbooks and redesigned their course to adhere to the AICPA blueprints.

Yaeger CPA Review – FREE Assessment

Yes!!!! Everybody loves FREE Stuff!  The Yaeger CPA Review FREE assessment will show you how your CPA exam knowledge stacks up against other students, and you’ll get a feel for their course design.



Yaeger CPA Review’s adaptive learning technology is called AdaptaPass.  Unlike other “adaptive” approaches, Yaeger does not do pre-assessments for each area (see below for purpose of Yaeger prep-assessments).

Instead, the software reviews a student’s completed work at regular intervals behind the scenes. As the software determines areas that require more attention (as the student progresses normally through the course), it identifies strengths and weaknesses and orients the quizzes and exam simulator questions to return to problem areas for students to master these topics.

Additionally, it suggests other materials to review to help those areas. As the student improves on these areas, the weaknesses disappear and the software is no longer weighted for those specific areas.


1) Is the user simply provided with recommended materials based on their strengths and weaknesses or is each user truly put on a custom study path?

Each student’s account is customized in two ways: 1. The student is recommended materials based on their strengths and weaknesses. 2. The student’s study path is tailored to offer study style options — making studying more meaningful and keeping students from wasting their precious study time.

Path customization is focused on whether or not Yaeger CPA Review provides the full videos or a book-oriented approach with the video excerpts for support. Their software, depending on the student’s study style preferences and current accounting knowledge level, would result in a different experience as a student works through the material. Their experience is further refined when the software learns more about the student’s individual strengths and weaknesses.

2) Will each user see all the same lecture videos or does the software automatically eliminate lecture videos for areas the user is already strong in?

If a user is progressing through the course via the video-oriented view, the student will see all lecture videos. However, this is something Yaeger will be enhancing in next year’s version of the software. They will be changing their approach to the filming process for 2018 to better integrate with some of their soon-to-be-released software features. We will make an announcement with additional details when these features are ready for roll-out.

3) It seems as if the user is put on a custom path after the pre-assessment and then the software continually assesses and adjusts the study path based on the user’s answers as they move through the already customized course. Is this understanding accurate?

Yes, the pre-assessment survey establishes the overall study plan and approach (e.g., study style in terms of video focus or book focus orientation), which is then tweaked and adjusted as the students work through the material based on performance. It will continue to return to certain areas and quiz/exam questions that it believes the student should pay more attention to as the system learns more about each student.


Here is a peek into how Yaeger CPA Review provides you with a custom experience.  You can see below the information Yaeger collects from you at the beginning of your course.  This is done to provide you with a tailored experience.  It primarily determines if a video based or text book based CPA review is a better fit based on your learning needs.

Yaeger CPA Review User Customization


Yaeger CPA Review Multiple Choice Questions

Yaeger CPA Review Quiz Engine

You will get 5,000+ multiple choice questions with the Yaeger CPA Review course.  Yaeger continually adds to their bank of questions every week.  I really liked the initial dashboard of the quiz engine.  It’s extremely easy to customize the quiz based on your weak areas.  You can see in the screenshot below how easy it is to simply scroll and select the areas you need to focus your learning on.

I also really liked the actual quiz.  You have the time remaining countdown in the upper right; the ability to flag or skip a question; and everything is laid out very nicely.  The one option I would like to have that is not available, is to be able to tell the quiz engine whether or not I want to immediately see the correct answer and respective explanation.  There is no option to enable this functionality, which means that you don’t immediately know whether or not you answered the question correctly and you don’t immediately receive an answer explanation.

Yaeger CPA Review Task Based Simulations (SIMS) and Writing Communication (WC)

The Yaeger CPA Review course comes with 120+ task based simulations and 32 writing communications.  With the 2017 update to the CPA exam, everybody knows how important task based simulations are now.  Definitely, more so now than ever.  The simulation design within Yaeger is not consistent with what you’ll see on the actual CPA exam.  For some people, the aesthetics of the simulations is not a critical course feature, but others do want to practice on a similar design template as what they will see on the official CPA exam.  This is something to consider.

Yaeger CPA Review Video Lectures

The Yaeger CPA Review lecture videos are high quality resolution and filmed very well.  below is a screenshot taken from one of the lectures to give you an idea of what the view will look like.  Overall, these videos are done very well, and I think you’ll be pleased with them.

Yaeger CPA Review Video Lectures

Yaeger CPA Review Flashcards

FAR: 447 Flashcards – AUD: 128 Flashcards – REG: 643 Flashcards – BEC: 872 Flashcards

I have to say that I REALLY liked the electronic flashcards experience Yaeger offers.  It’s extremely easy to use and designed exactly how I would like to see it.  Job well done by Yaeger with the flashcards.  They make your life easier and allow you to easily review material.

Yaeger CPA Review Flashcards

Yaeger CPA Review Practice Exams

The practice exams do a pretty good job at simulating the real experience.  They are not broken up in different sections, but I don’t necessarily think that is a huge deal. They simulate the real experience well enough, and they are designed quite well.  I really enjoyed their practice exam experience, and I think you will too.

Yaeger CPA Review Practice Exams

Yaeger CPA Review Game Center

This is pretty unique and something that will keep you entertained during your CPA exam studies.  You can battle other students by testing your knowledge against theirs.  Answer questions and see your profile rise to the top of the leaderboard.

Yaeger CPA Review Support Center

The Yaeger CPA Review internal forums are quite extensive, and a place where you can gain access to a wealth of knowledge and feel free to ask any pressing question.  If you make a Yaeger CPA Review purchase, you can feel confident that you will be very well supported throughout the process.



Almost every major CPA exam review company is in a race to adopt cutting edge technology to maximize their students learning experience.  Yaeger CPA Review is no exception to this, and has developed a customized experience.

The design quality of the courses from an aesthetics perspective is outstanding.  My personal thoughts are that Yaeger really out did themselves when it comes to design quality.  It’s very user friendly and has a nice modern feel to it that is one of the best on the market.

I strongly encourage you to consider Yaeger CPA Review as a quality prep course option.

Your next step should be to take Yaeger’s FREE CPA review assessment.  It will give you an idea of where your CPA exam knowledge stacks up against other students, and it will give you an idea for how their courses are designed and function.  Make sure you take advantage of this FREE opportunity.

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