CPA Exam Success Mastermind Group

An online community based CPA exam support mastermind group

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“Driven by what YOU NEED!  A positive environment, easy collaboration, people currently taking the exam, a structured approach to keep you hitting your goals, motivation when you need it, a place to inform a non-bias group about a part failure and subsequently receive key insights to keep you moving forward. Let’s start you on a CPA exam success path today!” – Brandon Vagner, CPA, PhD

When I, Brandon Vagner (CPA, former KPMG Manager, and PhD), the founder of CPA Exam Success, originally set out to take the CPA exam, I had one heck of a time finding credible people CURRENTLY taking the CPA exam who would be there to support each other throughout the process.  Yes, there was then and there still is today a forum based site you could use to help you get answers and stay motivated, BUT I seriously caution you to based on how negative these current CPA forums are.  You NEED and I was looking for a POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT to collaborate CPA exam strategies, study plans, successes, and failures with like minded people currently taking the CPA exam.

Well, you’re in luck, because I got so frustrated with the options out there that I decided to create a positive environment that’s easy to use and integrates with any mobile device.  I host what is called the CPA Exam Success Mastermind Group.  Don’t worry!  You CAN join too!  It’s a network of young professionals currently taking their CPA exam, and it was specifically established to give you a positive, safe, and easy place to have CPA exam discussions.

– Your Team –

CPA Exam Mastermind Group

– How it Works –

  • Primary Purpose – Keeping you on track and motivated throughout your CPA exam process and providing a place for CPA exam collaboration.
    • Open Discussions – First and foremost, feel free to ask the mastermind group any pressing question you have!
    • Monthly Deep Dives – Everybody in the group will be prompted each month to tell the group (COMPLETELY OPTIONAL) whether or not you hit your CPA exam goals for the previous month.  We ask that everybody make sure to tell the group what helped you achieve your goals if you had a successful month.  If you missed your goals, then we ask that you tell the group what happened so that we can better help you get on track.
      • Maximizing the Effectiveness – **KEY** At the end of your monthly update to the group, be sure to remind us what type of feedback you prefer.  You have two options: 1) Motivation Style: Meaning, you need a certain degree of sugar coating so you don’t get discouraged or 2) Military Style: Meaning, you want group members to get straight to the point and not sugar coat anything.Everybody is different in how they want group feedback to be delivered to them.  Each individual person within the group knows best what works for their personality, and the group members will respect your preference.  So, when you’re responding to someones monthly deep dive, be sure to pay close attention to whether they prefer motivating or military style feedback.
    • Weekly Collaboration
      • Motivation Monday – Every Monday, we’re going to ask the group what is motivating you this week.  This is so important, because staying motivated and feeding off of other people’s positive energy is going to help you attain CPA exam success!
      • Tip Tuesday – Every Tuesday, we’re going to ask group members to give one quick tip to the group that helps you during any aspect of the CPA exam process.  Maybe you don’t have any.  That’s fine!  You will get to see what others are doing, and you’ll have a chance to try out the tips.  If one works for you, then you’ll now have a tip for a future ‘Tip Tuesday.’
      • Think Tank Thursday – Every Thursday, we’ll ask that you tell us, in three sentences or less, if you’re on target to hit your weekly goal(s).  If not, tell us what the heck happened?  The group will be there to provide you support.
      • Selfie Saturday – This is truly a community of people who care about you and your success.  We want to see you enjoying yourself during your fun time set aside for each week.  Snap a quick picture during the week of you taking a break from studying and share with the group each Saturday.
    •  Having this support group who is like your CPA exam family is HUGE for your success!
  • Join and get instant access to the mastermind group
  • The group is hosted via a PRIVATE Facebook group (i.e. ONLY members can access it)
    • It’s hosted and ran through Facebook, because it’s EASY to use and most people are already familiar with how messaging on Facebook works.
  • Discuss with the group anything related to CPA exam strategies, studying tips, motivation, successes, how to overcome a failed part, etc…
    • The group will be hosted by me, Brandon Vagner (CPA, former KPMG Manager, and PhD).  I will respond to questions as needed, but the point of a mastermind group is to have member interaction.  Members actively help eachother.  The mastermind is not meant to be a repository of questions for just me.
    • You can certainly ask the group technical accounting questions, but it’s assumed that members have already purchased third party CPA exam prep material.
  • Price and why there is a price
    • $49/month (option to cancel anytime)
    • The key to a successful mastermind group is having members who are ENGAGED and strongly believe in the same principles of the group.
    • I ONLY want people who are serious about being successful on the CPA exam to be members.
    • PROTECTS you from trollers and a negative environment
    • Forces you and other members to have skin in the game and gives you a reason to be active

How the CPA Exam Mastermind Group Works