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Wiley CPAexcel vs Becker CPA Review

By Brandon Vagner, CPA, Ph.D. & Former KPMG Manager

Wiley vs Becker CPA ReviewComparing Wiley CPAexcel vs Becker has never been easier than with this in-depth analysis. I’m going to show you all the major differences AND similarities so you can make a well informed decision.

Wiley vs Becker Pricing

Let’s first talk about the elephant in the room…..PRICE 💰. Becker CPA Review is extremely expensive and comes at a staggering starting price of $3,393. On the flip side, Wiley CPAexcel has a starting price of $1,700 and their highest level course is priced at $2,450. That’s still almost a $1,000 difference between Wiley and Becker.

Here is a key thing to mention, both of these courses are high quality courses, but there are differences and I’m just going to lay out the facts for you. You can read through these facts and make a determination of which one you want to go with. Both are great, but one might work better than the other for certain people looking for certain characteristics of a course.

Wiley vs Becker Detailed Comparison Table

  • Best CPA Review Courses - Pricing Table
  • Best Aspect  
  • Website  
  • Starting Price  
  • Best Fit For  
  • Video Lectures*   
  • Multiple Choice Questions  
  • Task Based Simulations  
  • Course Access  
  • Mobile/iPad App  
  • Audio Option  
  • Offline Viewing Capability  
  • Flashcards  
  • Custom Help  
  • Final Review - Bonus Mini Course  
  • Pass Rate**  
  • Guarantee***  
  • Financing Options  
  • Wiley CPAexcel Review - Top CPA Course Recommendation
  • High Quality Video Lessons
  • $1,700
  • People who appreciate high quality lessons & want a traditional course
  • 130+ Hours
  • 11,700
  • 500+
  • Unlimited
  • - Yup!
  • - Nope!
  • - Yup!
  • - Yup!
  • - Yup!
  • - Nope!
  • 90% - Individual Section Pass Rate
  • - Yup!
  • - Yup!
  • Becker CPA Review Course
  • Traditional Lecture Based Style
  • $3,393
  • People who are willing to pay a lot of money for a course
  • 100+ Hours
  • 6,200+
  • 300+
  • 18 Months
  • - Yup!
  • - Nope!
  • - Yup!
  • - Nope! An Additional $179
  • - Yup!
  • - Nope! An Additional $495
  • Not Disclosed
  • - Yup!
  • - Yup!

Note: Features listed are for the highest level course. Features may be different for starting price course

*  Number of hours are for highest level course
** Pass rates are self disclosed by review provider
*** Either partner until you pass or money-back guarantee. Verify on review provider page

The courses in the comparison table are not displayed in any particular order.

Wiley vs Becker Multiple Choice Questions

I’ll be the first to tell you that 10,000+ multiple choice questions might not be absolutely necessary for every CPA candidate out there. I passed with around 6,000 practice multiple choice questions, BUT I know that everybody has different needs.

Wiley CPAexcel offers 11,700+ multiple choice questions 😮. That’s a TON of CPA review practice questions. Whereas, Becker CPA Review only offers 6,200+ CPA practice questions.

If you are somebody who knows you need a lot of CPA review practice questions, then I would highly recommend taking a closer look at Wiley CPAexcel.

✅ The winner of the Wiley vs Becker multiple choice questions is a toss up. Yes Wiley CPA Review has more, but you have to ask yourself whether or not you actually need that many. Myself and many other people have passed with less than 6,500 practice questions.

Wiley vs Becker Task Based Simulations

Since we talked about practice questions above, I feel like we have to touch on task based simulations next. As many of you know, the AICPA is placing a higher emphasis on task based simulations now. It has never been more important to practice task based simulations than it is now.

Wiley CPA Review offers 500+ task based simulations vs Becker CPA’s 300+. That covers the quantity portion of things, but what about quality. Well, I have experienced both and I didn’t notice any substantial difference in quality.

✅ The winner of the Wiley vs Becker task based simulations is a difficult decision, because you must ask yourself how many simulations are too many. I took a unique approach to studying for the CPA exam and didn’t focus a crazy amount of attention on simulations. So, for me it would have come down to quality, and as I mentioned above, they are both of the same quality.

Wiley vs Becker Course Access Time Length

This CPA review course access length ⏰ is one topic that always really gets to me. All these CPA review course providers know that many people struggle passing the CPA exam and that life’s unexpected situations do interfere with some CPA candidates actually finishing within an 18 month window. For example, I know a woman that has had two children during her CPA exam journey. For her, finishing within 18 months didn’t happen and she needed an extension on her course access. That said, I’m a HUGE fan of companies that offer unlimited access to their courses.

Wiley CPAexcel is great about this. They offer their CPA exam candidates unlimited access. However, Becker only offers access for 18 months.

✅ The winner of the Wiley vs Becker course access time length is Wiley CPAexcel.

Wiley vs Becker Instructors

The quality of your CPA review course instructors is a MAJOR aspect to consider. I’m sure you’ve had a professor in college that just put you to sleep every class. How did that work out for you? Probably not well.

Well, CPA review is no different. Most people need instructors that are both highly qualified and entertaining. Think about it….you’re going to have to come home every day and watch online lectures. Who the heck wants a boring instructor? Not me, and I’m sure you don’t either.

✅ Comparing Wiley vs Becker instructors resulted in a tie. Both companies have highly qualified and entertaining instructors. I was very happy with both and I’m confident that either company will satisfy your needs when it comes to CPA review course instructor quality.

Wiley vs Becker Flashcards

Flashcards are a really important piece of your CPA exam preparation. For all the CPA exam candidates I advise, I teach them the exact approach I used with flashcards that played a major role in my CPA exam success. That said, I ALWAYS recommend candidates get and utilize flashcards during their CPA exam study.

All that said, the Wiley CPAexcel Platinum course includes flashcards with your purchase. However, if you go with Becker, it will cost you an additional $179 to add on flashcards. Keep in mind the starting price for Becker is already $3,393.

✅ If you’re looking at it from strictly a cost perspective, then nobody can argue that you would be getting a better deal with Wiley CPA review. That said, the Wiley vs Becker flashcards winner is extremely difficult to say, because we all know that price isn’t everything. Both of the companies of extremely high quality flashcards.

Wiley vs Becker Pass Rates

Pass rates tell a lot about a CPA review course. Who really cares about how great a course looks inside the interface if it doesn’t produce results.

Wiley CPAexcel discloses an individual section pass rate of 90% 🔥. That’s really really good! Especially, when you think about the overall CPA exam pass rate. Becker, on the other hand, does not disclose any pass rates. I’m not exactly sure why, but I don’t have any data to compare Wiley’s excellent pass rate to.

Becker CPA Review doesn’t currently publicly disclose their pass rates. I’d be happy to publish them if they decide to make that public.

✅ The Wiley vs Becker pass rate winner is Wiley CPAexcel, but only by default. Becker could have higher pass rates, but that information is not available.

Final Conclusion

Based on the factors discussed above and in my opinion, I have to conclude that Wiley CPAexcel and Becker CPA Review are both great courses.  Pricing is the major difference between the two. I hope you found this objective review helpful, and I wish you the best of luck during your CPA exam journey!

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